About us

Our Goal

Teacher Schooleasy was founded in 2018 with the long-term goal to provide each student with an intelligent 'Digital Tutor', who will assist them in their studies with tailored tutoring sessions. Our vision is to simulate the tutoring skills of human tutors in our application using sophisticated algorithms, as well as with beautiful contents.

Technology has been growing at an exponential pace over the last decade and technology is being used to assist and even to take over jobs which human beings were traditionally good at. We strongly believe that technology will play an important role in the education sector. We are working within a particular area of education technology, which is 'tutoring'. We are convinced that in the future, a student will talk to an online digital tutor, who will listen, guide and explain any concept learned at school. The 'digital tutor' will have the ability to understand where the student needs help and customise his/her learning path. Schooleasy is our contribution towards this future.

Our short/medium-term goal is to provide UK primary school students with a smart talking platform where they can easily improve their skills in English, Maths and Spelling. We are keeping the design clean and easy to use so that any primary school student can learn on his/her own with only a few clicks.

To improve sensory engagement, we want a student to listen to step-by-step explanation in addition to showing the answer.

The student's understanding is assessed at each question attempted and this information is used to create targeted practice for the student.

We focus on improving the skills required to have good grades at school. At the moment, our exam style questions are geared towards Year 3 to Year 6 i.e to prepare students for KS2 Sats Exams. We use the National Framework for KS2 to devise our list of questions. We have built the website to be smart enough to be able to create new questions on its own.

So far, we have been moving in the right direction and we are proud to say that goals have been and are being met.

About the Founder

Teacher Ajmir G Hossen is the founder of Schooleasy. He is a private tutor, a software developer and an engineer who has worked in the technology industry for 20 years. Since 2014 he took the decision to focus on educational technology and online courses. He taught many technology-related and language courses online and has students all around the world. He is also a private Maths tutor for primary and secondary school students - click to see his tutor profile. He has successfully taught students at various levels and abilities. Here are some reviews:


Shaquan T “Very cooperative and understanding, very good and explaining what needs to be explained in a clear and structured manner ”


Louise C “Sonny is happy to have Ajmir as a tutor and is already feeling more confident after 3 sessions ”


Tara D “He is very good he is working very well with my teenage son ”

Our Story

Teacher In 2018, Ajmir's children were preparing to take part in the SATs exams and he noticed that students of primary schools were still revising the old way despite the advance in technology. The revision technique used were to painfully go through questions from books.

Whenever they were stuck, they had to ask help from their parents or wait for their teachers to explain the solutions. Often, this was not happening because a teacher can only cater for a certain number of student problems and a student might be left confused over an exercise without any explanation. A lot of students would not ask for help because of fear of embarassment or shyness or didn't see the worth of the hassle.

Moreover, he found that the questions in books were limited in number and were fixed in a certain order, which might not be ideal for all students. Ideally, each student should have his/her own path towards understanding a topic. One student might need to do more questions on multiplication of numbers, while another might be stuck at the concept of place values. A teacher cannot possibly know exactly which areas each student are lacking in understanding.

Ajmir realised that the process of tutoring of students at primary schools could improve drastically with the use of technology. Looking for a tutoring website like he imagined, he didn't find a suitable one that gives students the opportunity to improve their skills in a smart and effective way.

With his experience and knowledge, Ajmir set out to build a small website for his children to use, just to test his idea. He found that their skills improved as they took the questions.

He has researched the field extensively and networked with a team of educators and edtech developers to build this project. Together, we've set the goal of creating a talking website that can explain each an every question as the student gets a wrong answer. They will no longer have to be limited to a few questions in books but will have access to hundreds of questions per topic. They will no longer have wait for an adult to help them.

The idea and the team around it gave birth to Schooleasy.co.uk.